Friday, November 26, 2010

Yay! New blog!

I've had so many blogs before! But this one, I think I will keep going, because I'm not trying to define it. That's usually what gets me, where I will say OKAY this blog is about x or y! But not this time! This blog is about EVERYTHING!

My name is Shannon and I am 16! I have been invested in being an artist since I was 8, but now I am okay with just doodling sometimes. I'm hoping by posting my doodles on here, I'll be able to improve over time! I don't really want to do it professionally anymore, since I kind of suck!

My favorite color is orange, and I can be really passive aggressive! I love to talk, but I am pretty good at listening too! My favorite subject in school is history!! I have a boyfriend, his name is Sam, and he is really sweet! He gives the best hugs, too.

And my birthday is January 20th! :3

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