Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh no!

So my friends and I really like the occult and the paranormal and stuff like that. Today we were reading through the Necronomicon! My step dad always used to yell at me if I said any of the stuff from that book out loud, because he thought I'd summon demons. Stupid, right? I mean it is so fake! It's even the silly ugly one, not even a leather one!

I WISH I could summon demons! Maybe they'd be like pokemon! :3 And I would catch them all! It would be a big mindfuck for a lot of people if demons ended up being cute and fluffy.

Anyway! We were messing around with the Necronomicon today! And we were reciting things. And my friend, who is the girl in the drawing, started getting really dizzy! She eventually fainted. I'm worried she's possessed now! :(

What should I do?!

I mean it would be kind of cool. Like, I'd love to be possessed! Except I would probably end up dying in the end. She's awake now and looks like she's doing okay, she's just watching some music videos now. I will make her soup and hopefully that'll make her feel better!

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