Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last night I woke up at around 2 AM to someone knocking on my door. No one else was home, so I went down to see who it was. I guess since I was kind of tired, I felt brave. D:

So I opened the door and there was this kid standing there. She looked maybe 8? Or 9? And she looked like she had been crying. I felt bad but she was also kind of scary, I don't know why though!

She asked if she could come in to call her family, so I told her to hold on and went to grab my cell phone. As I was on my way back, she started pounding on my door REALLY HARD for some reason! I opened it back up and asked her what her problem was, and she just looked sad and said she got scared.

I gave her my cell phone, and she held it for a second, and then said it didn't work. I guess my battery had died or something, because it wouldn't turn on. D: That's really odd though because I looked before I gave it to her.

We don't have a house phone though, so I said I was sorry but I couldn't help her anymore. She was really scary, so I shut the door on her and locked it, and ran to lock up everything else too. When I finished locking my basement windows, I heard her pounding on the door again. She kept pounding for like 2 hours! I just sat on my couch, staring at the door, wishing for her to go away.

When it started getting light out, I opened my door and looked to see if she damaged anything. I found this in my mailbox (ignore my tarot cards and stones! :3 ): 

I was really scared! :( I tried to call Sam again but he's still not talking to me. This sucks! I hate being alone in my house! Also, why does WHO see me? This is stupid, maybe Sam is trying to play a dumb trick on me! I'm going to beat his ass!

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