Friday, December 10, 2010

Sam is still missing.

But I got a text from him today.

It said, "24331442241413343114".


  1. why does he want YOU
    when you don't even know HE exists

    i have been loyal
    you don't deserve this

  2. Hey Shanon...
    I was wondering if you've ever known of anybody named "Indrid Cold", or at the very least knew of the "grinning man" ?

    I think that's who has been watching you...
    your description matches that of the grinning man!

    Is sam a fan of ancient history? a Polybius square on the text he sent gives the name "INDRID COLD".

    Maybe sam is trying to warn you about something?
    Or even help?

    Tall, wearing sparkly green, and having small, far apart eyes.

    perhaps that is the HE hidefromtrees refers to.

    For whatever reason, the grinning man wants you.
    But you, (nor most people...there isn't enough proof!) know that he actually exists.